Making Necessary Changes

Recently, I have been waking up every morning with neck pain, and it stays all day long. I went to the doctor to find out what it could be because it is interfering in her daily life. He said that it is a common problem for active people, especially with young children. I discovered that the remedy other than aspirin is to make some changes in my life if I want the pain to get better or stop.

Neck pain can come from spinal injuries, some of which you might not be aware. You might exert yourself in the gym and pull a muscle. Other times you might have a pinched nerve from sleeping in a strange position. Of course, a common cause is an auto accident. I reviewed my life and most of my tasks revolve around the kids. I asked myself: how many times a day do you pick up a little one and how often do you bend over for long periods of time to clean up toys or another mess? I also asked myself when I first noticed back and neck pain and it was rather recent. What did I do to cause the current problem?

I don’t remember falling off my bicycle, straining at some formidable machine in the gym, bending over my phone on Facebook, or twisting my neck while sleeping or performing household cleaning tasks. It was a mystery that I would like to solve so I can do something to prevent it next time. Meanwhile, I get a lot of massages, take hot baths, and visit the sauna at the spa. At first the neck massage hurt, but in the end I knew it was doing a lot of good. Each time thereafter, it was less painful and I could tolerate more vigorous moves. This served as my physical therapy so that I wouldn’t have to wear an ugly neck brace. My doctor explained that keeping the head still works for some people with severe neck injuries, but would not be that beneficial in my case.

I was concerned when the pain in my neck seemed to be spreading to my shoulders. It hurt to sit upright in my desk chair. The masseuse attacked this area with vigor employing “deep tissue” massage. It was in stark contrast to what he did with my neck. His figures would start at the base and move upward in repetitive strokes. Gentle pressure turned to moderate then intense. He made me turn my head side to side and then do a rolling motion, making a complete rotation in both directions. The entire session was very effective, did not cause undue discomfort, and resulted in a relaxed state. I was so relaxed, in fact, that I feel asleep as soon as my head touched my pillow. I had a deep sleep and woke up very refreshed. I can’t say enough for massage therapy. The professional masseur has magical gifts.