Backyard Pool Safety Tip: Motion Sensor Lights

Too many accidents in the backyard pool have been reported and not just in my neighborhood. Near and actual drownings are the bane of a parent’s existence. You can be as careful and vigilant as you want, but the unforeseen is lurking around every corner. Take it from me and do what you can to ward off danger. Summertime is supposed to be full of outdoor fun. It is your job to make it safe for your kids and their friends. I have suffered from a near drowning so I know of what I speak. No one should have to go through this kind of horror. My son was ultimately fine, but there were scary moments. If I sound preachy, it is because I have a mission.

You want the kids to play freely, swimming and splashing about with glee. You serve lemonade and cookies and blast their favorite songs. If you have an outdoor TV, it is tuned into cartoons. Everything is festive and fun. Don’t let a lack of security system harm this special time of the year. First of all, an adult should always be present, preferably in the pool and not attending to other matters. It only takes a second for a child to disappear underwater. There may be no indication or sound. Other kids don’t always notice. This is rule number one.

Rule number two is to obey the local ordinances that require pool owners to have a fence of a particular height. Make sure it is installed by a reputable dealer who knows what is best to deter stray kids, or even your own. You can also prevent this by establishing strict guidelines for pool use. Moving on to rule number three, an alarm system is valuable if you are not at home, or even if you are in the house. It is great if you have a propensity to nod off. Meanwhile, I find motion sensors are the best way to find out if someone, adult or child, is in the pool unbeknownst to you. If these sensors activate an alarm and/or bright light, the message will be loud and clear. The light isn’t limited to strangers; it can alert parents that their children have gone somewhere that they shouldn’t. Installing an outdoor motion sensor light is rather simple – this blog post has all the information you need. I have heard of wayward teens entering a property they believe is unattended (because of a pile of newspapers on the front lawn). Sometimes you only known by the castoff empty beer cans.

There are many reasons to install outdoor motion sensor lights as you can see. It makes owning a pool a much safer prospect. It can eliminate vandals, trespassers, thieves, animals, and rambunctious kids. If it can prevent just one accidental drowning, it will be worth every penny of its cost. Make sure it is in good working order at the beginning of each swimming season. It should hold you in good stead all year long.