A Different Kind of Water Danger

A friend has been thinking of moving to a home in my neighborhood. She knows that I find it to be family-oriented and safe. This is important to her as she has kids. As with me, they are her first priority. She had been waiting a long time to find a property for sale and jumped at the chance. The house is right down the street and our children could have frequent playdates. We could alternate the location. It would be perfect for both of us. There was a hitch that ruined our initial excitement. The house did not pass the required homeowner’s inspection. It wasn’t the roof or the foundation. It wasn’t faulty wiring or termites. It was water quality problems due to old galvanized pipes. If my friend were to make an offer, the seller would have to make significant changes—a complete overhaul of the plumping and an installation of copper pipes. She wasn’t about to put up with polluted brown tap water. Not for a second.

Water purity is a big issue for a family and I hadn’t given it much thought until this happened. I want the best for my family and am now turning my attention to filtering systems. There is potential water danger lurking around the corner, and it isn‘t from our swimming pool. In this blog, I have discussed this more than once. I am eager for my husband to install a reverse osmosis system as I have read on Home Water Health that this is the optimal choice. They give you fresh crisp water on demand. It is too late to repipe the house so this is the necessary solution, no matter the cost.

The best systems are a couple hundred dollars and are efficient and reliable. We can get up to fifty gallons of pure clean water every day. No more expense for bottled water. These systems rival the taste. Just do a test. They are easy to install with quick connect fittings. Most do not require much maintenance. We chose the most popular system with the best customer reviews. It was important for the system to have high marks for contaminant rejection.

My friend even got on the bandwagon and is considering a system for her new home. I also made the project a science lesson for the kids (and me). We talked about water purification methods such as reverse osmosis that use a membrane to remove undesirable elements. Pressure is the purification technology in question. By means of the membrane, we can remove various pollutants such as bacteria and toxic chemicals that are suspended in water. Large molecules are not able to pass through the holes in the membrane.

The outcome is positive, I have to report. Our water is fantastic – pure and fresh tasting – for pennies, not dollars, a day. Bottled water used to fill the fridge to the brim; but not anymore. We have our own containers that are spill proof and ready to go on the road.